Future Feature Program

Learn to write credible and engaging journalistic content on the climate crisis and societal issues.

There is an urgency to change the narrative around social and environmental challenges and bridge the gaps between sectors, cultures and conflicts.

We need more skilled journalists and communication professionals equipped to create authentic content that educates, mobilises and raises awareness about the pressing challenges of our time.

Areas covered in this program:

  • Angles and narratives about the climate crisis (news, feature and profile writing)
  • Greenwashing
  • Climate Justice
  • Ethics in climate reporting
  • Social entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Major sustainability concepts and initiatives

To move the needle in climate action, we need people to better understand circumstances and consequences and be inspired to get involved.

For that to happen, we need reliable, relevant and engaging content that sparks interest and action.

‍The Future Feature Program aims to educate aspiring journalists and communication professionals on climate change, societal challenges and associated areas while they gain valuable industry experience and build their portfolios.

The time to tell better stories is now, and the Future Feature program is on a mission to equip the next generation of storytellers to present the biggest challenges our society is facing with an impact.